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Kloiber’s Meats – locally sourced products

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Kloiber's MeatsA great article in the Gateway Gazette regarding our tenant Kloiber’s Meats!

A small excerpt from the article:

“A couple of months ago a quiet little secret started spreading around town…. we were about to able to purchase locally raised meat and cheese products! Well, here they are – Kloiber’s Meats!

Tucked away on 1st Avenue NE, in the back of what locals still call the Candle Factory building, is the new butcher’s shop – Kloiber’s Meats. Veronica Kloiber is the proprietor and she is very determined to provide an outlet for locals, visitors and Calgary area residents.

Two years ago Veronica decided to attend SAIT and become a butcher and open her own store as an outlet for her parents’ beef. One thing led to another and now Veronica offers other all naturally raised, products from various places in Southern Alberta.”

Read the entire article on Gateway Gazette.

Visit the Kloiber’s Meats website.